Free Accounts

15M Accounting 1.0 : Free Accounting Software

This Freeware is based on Excel worksheets with macros, so that every one knows how to use it in 15 minutes. It is very suitable for small companies, start-ups, people who do not know accounting and investors whose accountants are not familiar with HK accounting systems. We have developed this Freeware because our clients have found other accounting softwares difficult to use even though they claim to be very easy to use. Some people even give up in learning these softwares.

It is designed for HK companies. However, all accounting systems are based on the double entry system and the only difference is the account names. Therefore it can be used for other companies and for personal use by changing the account names.


It is simple to use and does not require any accounting knowledge, and its user manual contains only 5 pages. It saves you a lot of time in learning an accounting software.


It can only have 1 cheque account, 2 other bank accounts & 1 cash account. The number of transactions in each bank or cash account is restricted to 997 and the number of transactions in the shareholders' account is restricted to 297. It does not have any sub-ledgers (controls) for stocks, trade debtors or trade creditors.

System Requirements

MS Excel English. It may not run in other languages.


  1. English version: 15M Account 3.0 (size : 2.29M)
  2. Manual (pdf format)

Support & Suggestions

Support will only be provided to our clients who have appointed us to provide company secretarial and auditing services.