HK Company Formation Procedures

Formation Procedures

  1. For forming a company, a client is not required to come to HK. A client shall fill in and submit to us the Formation Form for providing the details of proposed company name, shareholders, directors, secretary and registered office. Then we shall check and confirm if it is registrable within two to three working days.
  2. We shall prepare all the documents for incorporating a company, including Memorandum and Articles of Association, appointment of first directors and secretary, notice of registered office and application for business registration certificate.
  3. The client will sign all the documents (but not dating any) and return the same back to us.
  4. We shall arrange the filing of the documents to the Companies Registry and apply for business registration certificate.
  5. After obtaining the business registration certificate from the Inland Revenue Department, the documents (including chops and certified true copies) will be sent to the client, and then the company can be used.
  6. The procedures are usually completed within two weeks (excluding transit time of documents).

Bank Accounts

  1. The procedures for opening bank accounts depend on the bank you want to use. Please refer to HK Company Requirements for the banks' detailed requirements.
  2. To open bank accounts with HSBC, it will be opened immediately after submitting the duly signed bank accounts opening forms. To open bank accounts with Hang Seng Bank, Standard Chartered Bank and DBS Bank, it will take about 1 week, 2 weeks and 3 weeks respectively after submitting the duly signed bank accounts opening forms (i.e. after the company has been formed).